History of the Vauxhall Male Voice Choir - THE BOOK

"History of the Vauxhall Male Voice Choir": Hardback edition - only £18.on sale now!

- hardback edition in full colour, and priced at a mere £10.
(+ £3.50 postage within the United Kingdom, if applicable.)

With a forward kindly written by the Choir President, Bill Parfitt, the Chairman and CEO - Vauxhall Motors, the book traces the definitive history of the choir over the sixty five years from its inception back in the dark war days of 1943 to the present day.

The first forty years: 1943-1983.

The formal record was started back in 1983 by Brian Hopkins,
a long standing and staunch member of the Choir.
Brian had the foresight to write down on paper and publish the beginnings of the Choir before they became lost in the mists of time - his booklet, entitled The First Forty Years is reproduced within the new book, unedited.

The next twenty five years - 1983-2008.

Dave Sage, the choir historian, compiled and edited the book.
He also oversaw the whole process from inception to the finished article.
Dave said, "I felt that it was timely to continue this excellent work and extend the records to the present time."

Large A4 size pages - "History of the Vauxhall Male Voice Choir": Hardback edition - only £18.The main body of the book takes the reader year by year through the subsequent twenty five years to 2008, the Choir’s 65th anniversary.
Particular emphasis has been placed on the social aspects of Choir life and, with the advent of more modern photography, the book is generously complemented with coloured illustrations of the Choir at work and at play!

A separate chapter is devoted to a pictorial history section comprising some of the memorable photographs cherished and saved by Choir members.

This book is a ‘must’ for anyone who has, or has had, links with the Vauxhall Male Voice Choir.
It relates the happy, funny, poignant and sad moments of this band of brothers over all these years as they have gone about their hobby which so bonds them - these Comrades in Arms.
Beautifully illustrated - "History of the Vauxhall Male Voice Choir": Hardback edition - only £18.The book occupies nearly 200 pages of text, liberally interspersed with pictures and comments.
It uses 12 point large print and the page size is 11 inches x 8inches, enabling large picture prints of photographs so that individuals can be recognised without resort to a magnifying glass!

The information has been derived from both choir records and from the memories of both members and associates of the Choir and is thus the collective memories of many.

To buy this book: call John Petrie at 01582 762830 or email info@vmvc.org,
or look out for it on the choir display stand at our next concert.